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Abel Project Management and Facilitation

Take your most important ministry goals, projects and conversations from ideas to action. Clear goals, strong communication, honed meeting facilitation skills, well-designed timelines, and quality project management build momentum and move good intention to excellent implementation. Leah becomes a member of your team for a period of time to address a specific goal or initiative. Services include meeting facilitation, conference and event planning, ministry strategy planning and project management.

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Arrowhead Conferences & Events

Conference & Event Selection, Negotiation & Strategic Planning Arrowhead Conferences & Events is a non-profit, 501c3 ministry and subsidiary of Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ, Intl. in the US).  Serving over 500 ministries and non-profit organizations each year, Arrowhead is recognized throughout North America as the leader in Christian conference and meeting planning.  Our mission is to save ministries time and money on their conferences and events so they can apply greater financial and personnel resources to achieving their mission objective of "taking the Gospel to the end of the world" (Matthew 28: 19-20).

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Concordia Plans

Through the Concordia Plans, caring congregations, schools, and other special ministry organizations provide workers and their families with excellent comprehensive employee benefits including health, retirement, disability, survivor, and specific resources for ministry. By partnering with us, LCMS organizations and church workers have an ally who understands their unique needs and provides necessary benefits and services for all those enrolled. In addition to benefits and resources to care for the emotional, financial and physical well-being of church workers, Concordia Plans also offers ministries solutions designed to help with the business side of running a ministry, such as HR and payroll solutions. 

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Concordia University Chicago

Concordia University Chicago is a Lutheran university—a place where the Gospel lives and forms our students, a place where students engage important questions and Truth, and a place where students discover their vocations. Our meaningful work is to help them discover their God-given talents and gifts and determine how best to carry them out into the world to serve others. As a private, liberal-arts based university, our vibrant, engaging academic community is designed to help students reach their full potential. CUC cultivates within each of its students the ideals of a Christian life with Jesus Christ at the center of all they do. Concordia-Chicago students are inspired to make a difference in the lives of others and meet the needs of the world in which they live, serve and work. Founded in 1864 as Addison Lutheran Teachers Seminary, today CUC is a comprehensive university with more than 6,000 full-time students enrolled in undergraduate, master’s and doctoral study. Concordia University Chicago has followed a motto that has served us well throughout our history: You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32 ESV). 

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Copier Consulting, LLC™

Based on 27+ years in the copier industry Copier Consulting, LLC™ exists to guide, educate and train the copier buyer on all the complexities of copier leases, vendor negotiations and contractual obligations.  As a former sales rep for 15 years and industry insider we leverage the knowledge and training received from the dealer channels, leasing companies and manufacturers.  For the past 12 years our role represents you, the copier buyer during vendor negotiations resulting in contractual improvements, wasted spend elimination & cost reduction strategies.  We do this through our proprietary needs assessment, market research, request for proposal (RFP40+™) process and vendor comparison reports.  We seek vendor clarity & transparency resulting in much fairer and reasonable contracts, terms, conditions and pricing.  Simply put we want to be on your team but not your payroll.  

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Cornerstone Consulting

Emergent Leader training is rigorously designed, implemented, evaluated and adjusted to meet these specific goals and learning objectives: 1.) Emergent Leaders possess significant insight into organizational challenges and opportunities 2.) Emergent Leaders have an increasing capacity for personal responsibility. They respond appropriately and effectively to conflict and interpersonal encounters. 3.) Emergent Leaders engender the development of others.  Our participants consistently achieve tangile growth in these areas. 

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FACTS Management

FACTS, a Nelnet company (NYSE: NNI), is located in Lincoln, Neb., and is committed to making educational dreams possible through service and technology. FACTS serves more than three million students and families at over 11,500 schools, and manages $9 billion in tuition funds annually. FACTS offers a comprehensive suite of services including tuition management, a student information system, payment administration and processing, financial needs assessment, and online admissions/enrollment solutions. In 2014, we purchased RenWeb and its suite of student administration solutions. After the acquisition, we worked hard to integrate our team members and products into a single entity to better serve our customers, and in 2018 we rebranded to do business as FACTS.

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At Inspirmedia Productions, our multimedia production team is in the business of communicating through all forms of media–from streaming live video production for large-scale concerts and conventions, to audio visual equipment rentals or projector screens for weddings and company meetings. Our multimedia production professionals want to help you make your live events everything you imagined, AND to communicate your message as effectively as possible.  Understandably, with any live event production, unexpected things can happen.  At Inspirmedia Productions, our goal is to expect the unexpected and take the pressure off you, so you can ensure your audio visual experience is flawless. Our AV team will make sure you have the advanced media production capabilities you need for a seamless event, handling all the complexities that come with sound, lighting, and video production. At Inspirmedia Productions, we make sure your live events exceed expectations.

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Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty

The Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty (LCRL) is a Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) religious liberty organization headquartered in Washington D.C. The LCRL provides input, education, advice, advocacy, and resources in the areas of religious liberty, sanctity of life, strong families, and educational opportunities. The LCRL seeks to engage in discussions with the nation's leaders to establish partnerships and resources for the sake of the LCMS churches, schools, and members. 

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Lutheran Education Association

Lutheran Education Association (LEA) was founded in 1942 as a professional organization to support educators in a variety of Lutheran settings and at all levels.  Through the years, LEA has created publications, conducted events, and provided networking opportunities for educators worldwide.  We also partner with higher education institutions, districts, national education offices, international educators, and a variety of ministry organizations to carry out our respective missions in a collaborative environment.  Today, LEA continues to identify new ways to serve educators in global Lutheran ministries through emerging technologies, quality in-person and virtual conference and professional development experiences, and timely relevant resources.  

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Lutheran Hour Ministries

Lutheran Hour Ministries began at the grassroots level as the Lutheran Laymen’s League, a group of 12 laypeople who came together to support the church in word and deed. What began with 12 has become a movement of tens of thousands of volunteers and supporters around the globe. In 1930, “There is a God” were the first words spoken on The Lutheran Hour® radio program broadcast over the airwaves to thousands of listeners. Today the Gospel message reaches over 136 million people on a weekly basis through ministry efforts such as Bible Correspondence Courses, Outreach Training, Bible Studies, Daily Devotions and, of course, The Lutheran Hour.LSAC attendees! Register through the DRAWING button below to win a Spiritual Conversations or Households of Faith kit! There will be one winner per kit. For more info on Spiritual Conversations and Households of Faith check out our Call to Action buttons, videos, and other resources here on our page. Drawing will close Friday, April 30, 2021. Thanks for visiting! ⬇⬇🏡⬇⬇⛪⬇⬇ 

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Nancy Larson Science

At Nancy Larson® Science, our goal is to provide curriculum that is engaging and challenging for children while being fun and easy for you to teach. The development teams at Nancy Larson Publishers believe we have accomplished this goal with our Science K– 5 programs. We invite you to explore our science programs, which have proven to build enthusiastic and knowledgeable science learners.  We go above and beyond the NGSS to build a stronger science foundation in elementary children.