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'No savings no fee the risk is on me! We're changing the status quo by working for the buyer and discovering financial savings while exposing industry trends!
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Based on 27+ years in the copier industry Copier Consulting, LLC™ exists to guide, educate and train the copier buyer on all the complexities of copier leases, vendor negotiations and contractual obligations.  As a former sales rep for 15 years and industry insider we leverage the knowledge and training received from the dealer channels, leasing companies and manufacturers.  For the past 12 years our role represents you, the copier buyer during vendor negotiations resulting in contractual improvements, wasted spend elimination & cost reduction strategies.  We do this through our proprietary needs assessment, market research, request for proposal (RFP40+™) process and vendor comparison reports.  We seek vendor clarity & transparency resulting in much fairer and reasonable contracts, terms, conditions and pricing.  Simply put we want to be on your team but not your payroll.  

Copier Savings Opportunities

This brief video explains some of our past work. It is representative of a wide array of vertical markets and is a strong indicator of the copier vendor's contracts and savings opportunities through a mutual collaboration. In other words the copier contracts are the problem not the vertical market they're in.

Copier Savings Opportunities Do Exist!

Although this explainer video is a for-profit entity it happens to churches and schools just the same. The contract is our focus & concern. Nearly every case we review the terms and conditions were written ultimately for the seller's best interest but 'sold' as a benefit and/or convenience for the buyer.

  • Al Kietzmann, President/Founder
  • Harv Linse, Affiliate Representative

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We're humbled by the kind words from our past clients.

Church Testimonial 1

$11,900+ saved! (i.e. 53% saved)

Church Testimonial 2

$20,400+ saved! (58% saved!)

Church Testimonial 3

50% saved! Also, doubled their speed from 25 pages per minute to 50 pages per minute!

School Testimonial

$99,000 saved ! (i.e. 57% saved!)