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Emergent Leader training increases a leader's ability to initiate, realize, and manage growth for self, other, and his or her organization.
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Emergent Leader training is rigorously designed, implemented, evaluated and adjusted to meet these specific goals and learning objectives: 1.) Emergent Leaders possess significant insight into organizational challenges and opportunities 2.) Emergent Leaders have an increasing capacity for personal responsibility. They respond appropriately and effectively to conflict and interpersonal encounters. 3.) Emergent Leaders engender the development of others.  Our participants consistently achieve tangile growth in these areas. 

Emergent Leader Stories

The impact of Emergent Leader on dozens of lives is clear. In this video, hear from several participants about the value of what they experienced and learned in Emergent Leader.

Emergent Leader Longitudinal Study

Emergent Leader strives toward real measurable growth. Over the course of the last 5 years, 107 pastors, lay leaders, principals, DCEs, and teachers have completed the Emergent Leader Training course. Each event of the training is evaluated with a pre and post assessment that is given to all participants establishing the progress toward the goals and objectives for each participant. In an effort to better understand the long-range value of the training to participants, Emergent Leader recently surveyed participants who completed the training a year or more ago.

Emergent Leader Research and Participant Assessment

Each event of the training is evaluated and a pre and post assessment is given to all participants establishing the progress of the goals and objective of the Emergent Leaders. View here the assessment of participants regarding their growth and development.

Meet the Emergent Leader Trainer Team

Learn more about the top tier coaches and trainers of Emergent Leader.