Teachers Helping Teachers

Teachers Helping Teachers

Sharing the love of Jesus with children around the world through Christian education. 
This powerful mission happens through our teachers and leaders – they are faithful, committed servants who carry out this mission, sharing the love of Jesus with children around the world. It would be a tremendous blessing and collegial encouragement if you would consider offering financial support for a group of teachers at one of our sites.

Depending on the location, teachers in these third world countries earn between $700 and $5000 a year. Even with this limited salary, many school ministries still find it very difficult to pay teachers the full amount. 

Imagine the smiles on teacher’s faces when they realize their colleagues in the U.S. are partnering with them in ministry by raising financial support. If you or the staff at your church and school are interested in supporting a teaching team at one of our project sites, then click on the button below to sign up! Your involvement through your prayers and donations will be a great benefit to fellow educators who are committed to providing a quality education centered around the Good News of the Gospel!

 Sign up coming soon!

If you have any questions about supporting teachers, or about one of our schools sites that we support, just contact Dr. Phil Frusti at executivedirector@leadachild.org.