School Counseling Ministry

School Counseling Ministry

The School Counseling Ministry is a program offered by Lutheran Counseling Services and designed to place a therapist in non-public schools in the Orlando area. The goal of this program is to help non-public schools thrive as they meet the needs of diverse populations. This is done by offering counseling services to students, families and faculty on campus.

Individual and group counseling is offered to students and families on campus on a weekly basis. Services include:

Teacher Consultation
Therapists offer regular intervention meetings for teachers responding to behavior problems in the classroom.

Crisis Management
Therapists are trained and available to respond to crises on campus.

Therapists deliver educational presentations on a variety of topics including bullying, friendship skills, grief/loss and conflict resolution in classrooms.

Referral Resource
Therapists connect students, families and faculty with community resources as needed.

Character Education


Start a Program at Your School

LCS contracts with schools on annual basis to place therapists on campuses 1-3 days per week.

Schools interested in starting a School Counseling Ministry on their campus should contact LCS at 407-644-4692 or