Readiness for Renewal

Readiness for Renewal

This one-day, affordable service to churches provides the most thorough analysis; a personal visit from a Church Doctor consultant; interviews with the church leaders, staff, (senior) pastor, and decision-making board; and a written report of 20 to 40 recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your church.  This report will include six to eight recommendations that will be singled out as foundational.

          Prior to the consultant’s visit, you will provide requested data about membership, worship attendance, Sunday school attendance, and giving — for the last 10 years.

          You will send a recent newsletter, bulletin, organizational chart, and mission statement.

          Ten staff and key leaders will complete a Philosophy of Ministry questionnaire.

          The (senior) pastor will complete a specialized questionnaire.

 During the onsite visit, your consultant will:

          Meet with the (senior) pastor

          Meet with the entire staff

          Meet with a focus group of nine people, representing a cross-section of the congregation

          Tour your facilities

          Meet with your church board

 In 10-25 days, you will receive:

          A report specifically written for your church

          20 to 40 recommendations

          Six to eight foundational recommendations

          A demographic census snapshot for your city, town, and area

          A summary of the religious profile of your county, showing the percentage of those who declare themselves as “churched,” the number of churches by denomination, the number of members represented in each branch of Christianity, and the number of attendees

          A PowerPoint presentation with graphs of your 10-year membership patterns, attendance at worship and Christian education, and financial giving