Pastor Transition/Finishing Well Consultations and Coaching

Pastor Transition/Finishing Well Consultations and Coaching


Guidance for retiring ministers and churches transitioning toward new leadership.

·         Helping you develop a plan of succession that works for the retiring ministers, your church, and your successor.

·         Developing a transition plan Philosophy of Ministry document.

·         Structuring a timetable that honors the retiring minister, assimilates the successor, and serves your church.

·         Learning the do’s and don’ts for transitioning toward the next leader.

·         Communicating the transition/celebrating the change.

 This consultation helps a church transition toward a new key staff position.

·         Help to successfully fill a long vacancy

·         Strategies to effectively transition after a long pastoral tenure

This is a two-day, onsite visit by a consultant, preceded by a review of values, beliefs, priorities, and uniqueness of the church. A report is provided that represents a thorough strategy with recommendations.