Older Adult Ministry

Older Adult Ministry

Aging Well and Creating Connections: Older Adult Ministry

At LCS, we work to create a safe place for aging adults. Over 8 years ago Angie Majors began a ministry at LCS to support Older Adults in Central Florida. This ministry is unique because we bring the safe place to the older adult’s community, by placing counselors into Independent Living Facilities like, The Plymouth Apartments, The Lutheran Haven, and Calvary Towers, so they will have greater access to mental health services at no cost. The services that the program provides includes the following:

·      Individual & family counseling

·      Support groups

·      Wellness groups

·      Wellness and educational workshops

·      Community Resource Event



COVID Response

Through this pandemic, older adults have experienced more isolation, depression, loneliness and higher anxiety. LCS has been able to take the frontline and has increased our services to older adults within and outside of Florida by providing telehealth sessions and establishing a free call in line. 

This is the only program that LCS fully funds itself as we recognize the need to create safe places where Older Adults can create connections and make living well a priority.