PSD Multi-Cultural Ministries Network

PSD Multi-Cultural Ministries Network

Networking multicultural ministries for learning, resourcing, and encouragement, the Multi-Cultural Ministries Network (MCMN) of the PSD was formed out of conversations between pastors and leaders representing different cultures with a desire to work together and join in fellowship sharing one another's challenges and opportunities. This vision has compelled a number of pastors, leaders and advocates to come together to empower, encourage and provide ministry development for the variety of multicultural ministries within our district. 

The Cross-cultural Ministry Center (CMC) at Concordia University Irvine is an integral part of the Multicultural Ministries Network. It specializes in forming fully certified and ordained missionary pastors who are equipped to cross cultures and reach the lost with the Gospel in the increasingly multicultural contexts of 21st Century America. Find out more about us:

And click here to view a video of the most recent MCMN event. It was a celebration of service where Rev. Dr. Glenn Fluegge, Director of the CMC (Cross-cultural Ministry Center at Concordia University Irvine) was invited to preach at a recent ceremony in which four faithful pastors were honored, two of whom graduated from the CMC, after it was first founded in the mid-nineties. 

Working together! For more information or if you would like to join this ministry, please contact Rev. Sam Gomez - (760) 580-4323 or email

"The future of the PSD is Multi-Cultural." - Rev. Dr. Larry Stoterau