LCC Disaster Response Ministries

LCC Disaster Response Ministries

LCC is a faith‐based ministry and coordinates the deployment of trained volunteers for Disaster Response. When disasters strike; lives, homes, businesses, churches and more are affected. LCC LERT volunteers respond quickly to serve people affected by a disaster. LCC teams are trained to work through local churches to serve their communities.

LCC Disaster Response Ministries include Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) training and volunteer teams with expertise in the area of chainsaw, heavy equipment, debris removal, flood recovery, and emotional and spiritual care. For LERT volunteers, disaster response is an essential relief and outreach ministry.

Chainsaw Team
Over 350 LERT chainsaw volunteers have been trained by an ASI Certified Arborist and a team of advanced chainsaw team leaders in:

  • Safe chainsaw handling, cutting practices, and dragging
  • Personal protective OSHA requirement safety equipment
  • Precision tree felling operations
  • Best practices and use of ropes for pulling trees and directional felling
  • Operator usage and maintenance of equipment (chainsaws, wedges, spring poles rigging equipment, safety harnesses, hand tools, misc. power equipment)

LERT chainsaw teams can provide storm clean‐up work after a small or large disaster, such as:

  • Downed branches or trees
  • Trees leaning on a home
  • Damaged or hanging tree limbs
  • Uprooted trees with root balls
  • Stump grinding
  • Site Cleanup

LERT chainsaw teams have outfitted trailers with tools, ropes, safety equipment, chainsaws, and heavy equipment to use when responding to disasters, such as:

  • Light and heaving duty tractors with grapples
  • Bobcats with grapples
  • Front loader
  • Stump grinders
  • Boom lift

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