Customized Student Planners

Customized Student Planners

Boost your school’s identity with Custom Planners!

Personalize the Good News™ Planners to meet the needs of your school. Design your own cover, include handbook pages and special forms, promote a special events page—the ideas are limitless to make your planner a unique reflection of your school. Custom planners offer an opportunity to brand your schools values, project a community spirit, as well as serving as a valuable “go-to” resource for all those important need-to-know details.

Our Custom Planner Specialist is here to help get you started.

  • Walk through all the options
  • Offer suggestions for cover designs
  • Calculate the costs

Ask about our custom advertising kit! Step-by-step instructions help you solicit support from local businesses in your area by offering advertising opportunities in your planner to help underwrite or offset custom planner costs.

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Use this adverting kit to inspire ideas how to promote ads to offset the costs to your planners.