A great book for book clubs, small-group Bible studies, individual reading, family reading and junior and senior high animal science reading.

The Greatest Animal Lover celebrates the deep bond we share with the animal kingdom and explains this bond from a creationist point of view.  Our love and admiration of animals is part of the image of God in us, because He is the greatest animal Lover of all.

My book demonstrates God’s great love for animals in six ways:

Chapter 1 – Creation – What design and beauty!

Chapter 2 – Provision – God-made ways of providing for their needs

Interlude – Why the human-animal bond is no longer perfect

Chapter 3 – Rescue – Noah’s ark and how God can’t imagine Planet Earth without animals!

Chapter 4 – Special Assignments – God honors animals with important tasks

Chapter 5 – Pointing to the Savior – The O.T. animal sacrificial system

Chapter 6 – Referrals – Bible authors teach important truths by referring to animals

A small-group Bible study based on each chapter is available at the end of the book.


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