National Archery in the Schools Program

National Archery in the Schools Program

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is offered through the WDNR in partnership with the national organization and many state and national sponsors.

NASP is a beginner target archery program that allows students from 4th-12th grade to learn about the sport of target archery. Students around the world use the same universal equipment and are taught with the same curriculum. NASP increases a students self confidence, improves thier self-esteem and reconnects them to the school and other activities.

Grants for equipment are available through the WDNR and our statewide program sponsors and partners.

NASP has an 8 hour instructor certification class that allows teachers with little to no archery experience to become certified and teach kids how to shoot a bow, determining eye dominance, safe range practices and much more.

The WDNR also has NASP loaner equipment available to schools interested in the program but not ready to purchase their own equipment. NASP is a great "1st step" or beginner program that introduces students of all abilities to archery and help educate them on the sport of target archery and lead them, and thier families to other archery shooting programs and activities.