MAP Reading Fluency

MAP Reading Fluency

Striking the balance of instruction and assessment

Get precise, reliable insights to support early readers while maximizing valuable instructional time. With speech-recognition technology, group administration, and automatic scoring, MAP Reading Fluency provides a clear view of early literacy skills and learning needs for an entire class in about 20 minutes.

Go beyond fluency for a more complete picture of early literacy

Monitor oral reading fluency, literal comprehension, and foundational reading skills from season to season and year to year. Quickly screen students at risk of reading difficulty, including characteristics of dyslexia. Benchmark assessments are available in both English and Spanish.

MAP Reading Fluency

MAP Reading Fluency is an adaptive universal screening and progress monitoring assessment for grades pre-K to 5—and it’s available for remote and on-site administration. This powerful tool efficiently assesses in English and Spanish.

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MAP Reading Fluency Brochure

A detailed look at MAP Reading Fluency. Measure oral reading fluency, comprehension, and other foundational skills of an entire class in just 20 minutes.

MAP Reading Fluency Fact Sheet

NWEA introduces a new way to quickly and accurately assess your pre-K-5 readers. Learn how MAP Reading Fluency enables teachers to efficiently measure oral reading fluency and more

NEW! MAP Reading Fluency Dyslexia Screener Fact Sheet

Dyslexia plays a part in over 80% of learning disabilities. Efficiently and effectively screen all students for indicators of dyslexia with the MAP Reading Fluency Dyslexia Screener.