Lutheran Leader Full-tuition Scholarship

Lutheran Leader Full-tuition Scholarship

Lutheran Leader Full-Tuition Scholarship & Intern Program

Principals, Teachers and Pastors nominate

Seniors high school students for this scholarship  

Each year Valparaiso University selects two Lutheran students from the best high school leaders in the United States to enter a program that is unique in Lutheran higher education. Through this scholarship and program, students from different Lutheran church bodies work together in a variety of settings. Students are offered a four-year, full-tuition scholarship and participation in a select cohort of eight Lutheran Leader interns who gain experience and mentoring in leadership throughout their college years.


Benefits of the Program

• A full-tuition scholarship for a high-quality education at a premier, international Lutheran university.

• Participation in a select community of servant leaders and scholars.

• Expanded and enhanced leadership skills and opportunities.

• The ability to make a difference on campus, in the church, and in the world.

• Mentoring opportunities with servant leaders on campus and in the community.


Attributes of a Nominee:

• Actively participates in a Lutheran congregation.

• Exhibits leadership within their church, on a district or synod level, or on a national level.

• Demonstrates academic excellence during high school

• Intends to be active in a Lutheran congregation as a lay leader or full-time church worker.


Nomination Process

• This scholarship is for Lutheran students who are seniors in high school.

• A student must be nominated by a Lutheran church leader (i.e. - pastor, district president, synod bishop, Lutheran high school principal, LHS guidance director, etc.)

• Submit nominations to

• Nomination of students due by December 15.

• Once the nomination is received, the student will be sent a letter inviting them to apply for the scholarship.


Student Application Process

• Apply to Valparaiso University before January 15th.

• After receiving a nomination, a letter is sent from the Center for Church Relations inviting the student to apply for the scholarship.

• All application material from the student along with two letters of recommendation from people other than family

members are due by midnight, January 15.


Expectations of Interns

  • Uphold a strong commitment to faith and service to the Christian Church.
  • Pursue academic excellence in and out of the classroom, maintaining a GPA that meets Valparaiso University standards (interns typically maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher).
  • Enhance the campus community through leadership abilities and contributions.
  • Engage in a voluntary internship on or off campus each semester for four to six hours weekly.
  • Participate in weekly intern meetings focused on planning, study, and fellowship.
  • Provide leadership to a Lutheran high school leadership conference.

Lutheran Leader Alumni Share their Experience

“The Lutheran Leaders program brings together a unique group of students who are passionate about leading and serving through their vocations and skill sets in the church and the world. During my time in the program, the cohort was a phenomenal support amongst the busyness of college. We mentored and learned from each other every week, as we discussed and worked to implement servant leadership in our own lives. The friendships formed in this group were so valuable during my time at Valpo, and they continue to support me now as an alumnus.”— Zachary Bruick ‘17

”I found the most amazing sense of community from this group and it was very influential on strengthening my faith throughout my college years. Additionally, with service being one of the core foundations to the Lutheran Leader Scholarship/Internship, I was able to engage in more community service than I would have otherwise.” — Olivia Janke ‘20

To learn more about the Lutheran Leader Program and full-tuition scholarship, contact: Debra Albers

Director of Church Relations