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ALOA is a nationwide resource to the church focused on strengthening ministry by and for older adults. Effects of the current Age Wave, a surging demographic population explosion, have major implications for every LCMS congregation. ALOA offers practical resources, ideas and multi-media tools to help congregations support and expand ministry to this important group. Updated information and market intelligence is added regularly to reflect the expanding knowledge base of later life stages and the aging process. ALOA is a Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. 


Congregational Resources

ALOA resources span a broad spectrum of topics that impact ministry by, with and for older adults. Utilizing multiple delivery systems, information, ideas, facts and figures are added on a continuing basis. A variety of resources, including videos, books and study guides are categorized into 5 key areas that resonate with older adults: intergenerational, health and wellness, independence to ...[more]


Faith Stories™

An ALOA-generated intergenerational project has extended over several years and grown into a long-term partnership with Prince of Peace in Carrollton, Texas.   High school faculty member Nick Weiss and his video class students have video taped older adults telling their Faith Story.   As in any effective intergenerational effort, both younger and older participants have been impacted...[more]


Learning through Webinars

ALOA offers monthly hour-long webinars presented by experts in the field of older adults and older adult ministry. All are free of charge and past subjects are archived for viewing on our website. Timeless topics include Caring for Aging Parents, Transitions, Planning for Adult Children with Disabilities. Contemporary issues include Long-term Care during the Pandemic, The Villa...[more]


Retreats and travel

Annual Lutherhostels bring together older adults in a retreat-like setting with dynamic presenters for Bible-centered teaching, music and devotions, relaxation and relationship-building. Our next Lutherhostel is scheduled for May 10-14, 2021 in Southern Minnesota. Find out more and download a brochure with complete details.   Travelling with an ALOA group offers an opportunity to enjoy site...[more]

Older Adults & ALOA

Take a look at what ALOA does

ALOA Toolkit for Congregations

ALOA is developing a hands-on guide, loaded with a variety of resources, will help congregations of all sizes develop and expand ministry to older adults. It'll include practical resources to support older adult ministry leaders in navigating the challenges and opportunities of aging.

Coping with Small Changes

Change brings challenges, yet Scripture from both the Old and New Testament directs us to help from our changeless God. Hear tips on change and download an accompanying Bible study at:

Service: a way of life

As Christians, we naturally give because of what Jesus has given to us. Serving is simply a way of life. This video and accompanying Bible study offers a fresh view of Bible-based personal generosity. It can be downloaded at:

Smile: you're getting older!

Are you old? Your response might vary, depending on who asked the question (and perhaps even how you’re feeling!). This video and Bible study, for people of all ages, looks at God’s promises for us, whether we’re old, young or in-between. Download the Bible study at:

Wake up! Church

Older adults have changed since our grandparents turned gray. Have your congregational programs changed, too? Although older adults are often the core of church volunteers and provide a significant percentage of financial contributions, they are an underused resource in many congregations. Use this brief video to trigger conversation and action in your church.

Tell Me A Story

Stories build connections. Stories inspire, motivate, influence and teach. As Christians, we have a story to tell. This video and Bible study focuses on several narratives that are part of God’s story. Download the Bible study at:

Joining Generations

The story of ALOA videos. Hear about the unique partnership between ALOA and Prince of Peace Christian School in Carrollton, Texas. Teacher Nick Weiss and the students in his video production class teamed with ALOA to create, shoot and edit more than 30 videos, leading up to the development of ALOA's Faith Stories. You'll hear about the process and some unanticipated blessings and relationships that developed along the way.

Welcome to ALOA!

The Age Wave is upon us! According to the latest statistics, nearly half of LCMS members are over the age of 50. In this brief video, Executive Director Hans Springer introduces you to ALOA, a recognized service organization of the LCMS. Founded in 1991, ALOA continues to be committed to strengthening ministry to, by, for and with older adults.

Don't Just Think About it. Do It.

Faith Stories™ encourage older adults to share their faith and life story. In this high impact video, listen as Carol shares what happened after she shared her Faith Story with her teenage grandson.

  • Congregation-based ministries offer multiple opportunities to combat loneliness, an issue for many older adults.
  • Older adults often serve as “memory keepers” across generations.
  • Sharing Faith Stories allows older adults to leave a legacy of significance. Check the ALOA website for practical resources and ideas on “How to tell your Faith Story.”
  • Church-sponsored events of all types bring together people. Serving together establishes new connections.
  • During the pandemic, older adults have depended on digital tools to connect with family and friends.
  • Current research shows what is called a u-bend in life satisfaction: enjoyment and happiness dips in middle age and then goes up. In what ways does your congregation contribute to the “happiness” upswing for older adults?
  • Check out ALOA’s video clip on “communicating values through grandparenting” at
  • Affirm older adults! Download “Bless the Years,” a complete worship service celebrating older adults, available on the ALOA website.
  • When does a person become old?” Learn what the Bible says. Download the Bible Study “Defining when a person becomes old” at
  • Bible studies offered on the ALOA website can be copied and used. All topics are of interest and importance to older adults.
  • Offering healthy options can be an incentive for older adults to attend congregational events and activities.
  • Joining generations broadens the impact of ministry while expanding personal relationships. In what ways does your congregation intentionally prioritize cross-generational connections?
  • Older adults give values long before they leave valuables. Help the older adults in your congregation share their faith and values through sharing Faith Stories™
  • Researchers indicate that older adults experience a great sense of joy by “passing on spiritual and moral values.” In what ways does your congregation support spiritual milestones?
  • Congregations can play an important role in helping older adults find a sense of meaning and purpose.
  • After having a lifetime of different experiences, older adults are the least homogeneous of any age group. How does your congregation avoid “cookie cutter” ministry to older adults?
  • God created us to be lifelong learners. How many learning opportunities does your congregation offer to older adults? Download ALOA’s Bible study on “Learning from birth to death" at
  • Congregations can be the “go-to” resource for older adults to be supported and learn about community social services.
  • Life stages impact the way in which we share our virtues and values.
  • Physical activities designed for older adults support healthy brain function.

Inside ALOA

Learn what ALOA does and how we serve older adults in congregations

Faith Stories™: Sharing Your Journey with Jesus

Explore a practical plan for helping older adults share their faith and life journey with others

ALOA Webinars

Learn about ALOA's webinars and see our upcoming calendar.

Our Newsletter

In our May issue, we look at how longer, healthier lives, along with increased access to ideas and information, have enabled older adults to enrich their later years with learning. Learn about the Education area of our Older Adult Ministry Toolkit, read about Best Practices in Adult Faith Formation and more. Read newsletter issues covering topics like Social Isolation, Faith in Troubled Times and Intergenerational Resources at

Lutherhostel in October, 2021

Join us for our annual Lutherhostel in Stewartville, Minnesota, for a week of bible study, worship, reflection and fellowship.

Dealing with Social Isolation

The pandemic has brought social isolation to the forefront, but many older adults deal with it even in the best of times. Find tips on how to ease the loneliness and links to find resources.

Dementia 101 for Congregations

Find out how congregations can support those who struggle with memory loss, along with those who care for them. Includes physical, practical and spiritual aspects.

Travel with ALOA: 3 Continents Tour & Cruise in 2021

Walk in the footsteps of early Christianity on an 11-day tour & Aegean Cruise with a group from ALOA.

Travel with ALOA: Oberammergau, 2022

Join a group from ALOA on an 11-day tour that begins in Italy and leads up to the Oberammergau Passion Play.